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Feb 7, 2013 7:30am PST
funding for crossroads cafe was provided in part... by the dartments of education of the states of... california florida, illinois... and new york and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration & naturalization service. listen to this: "crime up 12 percent." "ten die in hurricane." it's no wonder people feel depressed. - maybe you shouldn't read the newspaper every day. - ust read the comics. - here. - for the police officers at that table. - they don't look like policemen. - detectives. i met them here last week. i just wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood. good idea. when is that due by ? wednesday, i think. wednesday ? here you go. i'm sorry, we didn't order this. they're from mr. brashov. rosa's famous coffee cake, on the house. that's very nice of you, but i'm afraid we can't accept it. oh, please, i insist. sorry, it's against department policy. oh. i can understand that. put it on our bill. i think my partner hasn't eaten in about a month. as you wish. i hope you will visit us often. mmm. you've got a deal. - hi, everybody. - aren
Feb 8, 2013 4:30am PST
. >> manuel also despair's at the thought that his son needs a good education for a better future -- despairs at the thought. >> i cannot invest in my son's future. he is in school and needs help, and i cannot pay for a private tutor. >> the rock of gibraltar -- without it, the situation in the border region would be even worse, but the spanish conservative government in madrid still complains. it stopped communicating with the colony. the accusations are well known. gibraltar's wealthy economic boon is only possible because it is a tax haven, a paradise for gamblers. for the people of gibraltar, it is pure slander. >> any independent review, such as by the international monetary fund, has shown that gibraltar is by most measures an extremely well regulated and well governed jurisdiction. >> gibraltar abolished certain tax benefits under pressure from the european union, before the spanish government, that is not enough, an attitude which makes gibraltar's neighbors angry. >> we cannot be the loser of an anti-gibraltar policy made in madrid. it is not a problem for us. it is an op
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2